Dear Library Supporter,

Thank you for signing a “Turn the Lights Back On” postcard asking Erie County Executive Mark Poloncarz to restore $3.4 million in funding to the Library System budget. We delivered more than 7200 postcards to his office before he unveiled his 2013 Budget on Monday, October 15.

The Library’s 2013 budget request to the County was for $25,495,566. The County Executive proposed budget $22,172,457 - $3,323,109 less than our request.

While we are appreciative the County Executive has proposed $300,000 in additional funding, compared to 2012, the budget does not come anywhere near to what the System was requesting to restore open hours, services, materials and the staffing to support them.

We’ve lost 5,100 open hours across all 37 libraries since 2010 because the funding we receive from Erie County is like riding a roller coaster—it goes up and down then up slightly and down again. It’s hard to plan. It’s hard to keep our lights on. It’s time to Flip the Switch for Library Funding!

Now is the time to encourage your Erie County Legislator to request he/she provide additional funds beyond the County Executive’s proposed $300,000 increase.

Click on the link to the left to send a message now to you local elected officials.

For each library, the web pages feature:

  • The county legislator’s name, email and address,
  • Letter to email (or print and send hardcopy) directly to the elected official explaining why the County Executive’s proposed level of library funding will not meet the demands of library users and does not come close to “turning the lights back on” to restore hours, services and materials or the staffing to support them.

Please take the time to click on this link and start the ball rolling:

As always, thank you for your support.
Thank you.

The Administration and Board of Trustees of the Buffalo and Erie County Public Library

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